Bear’s beans is an eCommerce website providing high-quality gourmet coffee beans. Coffee plays an important role in daily life. A taste can make or ruin a day, so it is vital to have an aromatic experience and the right brew. It is not easy to find satisfaction in the cup. Customers are leaving the website without completing the payment and can’t find the right items. These outcomes suggest that there is a problem with engagement and understanding of the brand and its products.

• Research & Discover
• Define & Synthesize
• Ideate & Prototype // Rinse & Repeat
• Visual Design

Improve the browsing experience, motivate users to browse the website and design a smooth check-out page.

My Role
This project was created based on a mentor & tutor-guided UX/UI Design course, where I was responsible for the whole process.
Competitive Analysis 
Starbucks is a powerhouse in the digital space for coffee beans, they rely heavily on their brand’s out-reach and convenience. They don’t have too many options in coffee beans but the variations of enjoying coffee are high, causing clutter in their online ordering experience.
La Colombe coffee has a strong community presence amongst the demographic of “millennials thinkers” with a large social media following.
Grind coffee is a small and new to the market with little online presence and a stable web experience
User Interviews
Five user interviews were conducted to better understand our participants’ eating habits and cooking choices.
Findings from the interviews:
• Users must be able to identify if reviews are real or fake
•  Some coffee-inspired recipes are always a plus
• Users prefer the grind powder option to beans, It saves time

“Not really, I don’t care how much I spend money on coffee, I care about quality”
User Persona
Based on the previous findings, one distinct audience group profile was defined to represent different user types and to help to keep every single design decision aligned with the user in mind.
Visual Design
A few mood boards were created to get a feel of the visual direction. The selected one was -just like the website- all about colours. Choosing from a limitless range of vibrant colours allows for flexibility.
Brand Attributes
Funny, Caring, Creative, Productive
Brand Personality
Bear’s Beans has an inspiring purpose that makes a real difference in people’s lives by helping them find their favourite beans.
Everyone everywhere should be able to find beans without any trouble and the experience must be great.
Final Deliverables

Due to time constraints (90 hours only), I wasn't able to implement the ability to go full screen with the map or list, I didn't add numerous products, I just added 4 products and asked questions in usability testing based on those experiences. I kept the website minimal, but my findings were great as users were actually browsing, checking out and finishing the red routes. 

This project was a huge endeavour, and the amount of time and resources that went into designing it was unlike anything, here are a few takeaways I got from working as the designer on this project:
Take what users say with a grain of salt.
Qualitative research isn’t always going to get you the answers you want to hear. Especially when it’s generative research, the answers you get maybe a jumbled mess that won’t always point you in a clear direction. In my case, the users I interviewed didn’t see an inherent problem in the way they were trying to remember where they had been, but I saw in their roundabout ways of doing so an opportunity to make something that filled that gap. This brings me to my next learning…
Good products don’t always solve an obvious (or the original) problem. 
This one may be a little bit controversial, and one I am still coming to grips with since “design thinking” is always touted as “solving problems.” I’m sure the most efficient way to build a product that sells is to find a need and fill it, but what about products like Facebook? Snapchat? One of the biggest things I learned while working on this project was to trust my intuition for ideas that seem inherently interesting, while at the same time making sure that I’m using the right words to articulate hard-to-grasp feelings beyond “cool” or “awesome.”
Results and Next Steps

I am currently testing this experience on a cohort of our users. While I await the results, I took it upon myself to solve some of the issues I saw in concept testing and improve upon what I was able to ship initially. In the future, I would add some of the features like asking someone to pay through their debit cards, Instagram sharable photos (to market and inspire) and so on. 

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