Loaf is an app for anyone who wants to manage their meals every day. With the power of productivity apps and other food apps, Loaf motivates to prepare meals in advance and saves time. Add recipes, manage groceries list or search anything in the app and so on. The major help comes when it searches recipes based on the ingredients you have. It’s a simple, yet powerful planner.

• Research & Discover
• Define & Synthesize
• Ideate & Prototype // Rinse & Repeat
• Visual Design

My Role
This project was created based on a mentor & tutor-guided UX/UI Design course, where I was responsible for the whole process.

The main aim is to help people in cooking, that's it. Eat well and Cook well. Everyone must take care of what they are putting into their mouth and that starts with here.
User Research
Competitive Analysis:
Few well-known services were analyzed to determine the positioning of Loaf.
Particularly, considering critical user reviews revealed various insights on room for improvement and opportunities:
• Category options are not well-refined enough
• Lack of new, frequently updated content
• Very large images of food, very overwhelming.
• Not user-centred design

User Personas

Based on the previous findings, two distinct audience group profiles were defined to represent different user types and to help to keep every single design decision aligned with the user in mind.​​​​​​​

User Interviews
Five user interviews were conducted to better understand our participants’ eating habits and cooking choices.

“I just can’t learn new recipes every day, I want to make something quick with ingredients I have with me now”

Findings from the interviews:
• Self-cooked meals are more appreciated and taste better
• A nutritious balance is highly valued, but without exact tracking.
• Videos are very much helpful. (don’t like reading lengthy recipes)
• Creating groceries lists leads to frustration
• Planning for a whole week is stressful
• Something always is missing, either a few ingredients or desired recipe.
Information Architecture 
Previously gained user insights were leveraged to create user flows for each personas. A Sitemap was built to illustrate the app’s navigation structure and to determine the scope of key screens to be designed in the next phase.
Ideate & Create
Wireframe, Prototype & Test (Rinse & Repeat)
Exploratory sketches were created with pen and paper to generate ideas and iterations quickly. The result was turned into a low-fidelity digital prototype and put through usability testing, which uncovered smaller vulnerabilities and frictions. These learnings lead to further revisions and improvements of the user interface design and its structure.
Visual Design
A few mood boards were created to get a feel of the visual direction. The selected one was -just like the app- all about colours. Choosing from a limitless range of vibrant colours allows for flexibility.
Brand Attributes
Simple, Caring, Effortless, Productive
Brand Personality
Loaf has an inspiring purpose that makes a real difference in people’s lives by helping them to cook easily and to eat healthy food.
Brand Mission/Vision

Everyone everywhere should be in control of their plates. We provide modern tools that make it easy for the world to eat right and plan easier.
1. Organizing and structuring design principles is just as important as creating them in the first place. I’ll continue finding ways to better structure the design principles we created at work, and visualize them so that everyone can get a good understanding of them across the organization.
2. If you have good reasons and understand what the usability issues are, start planning! Get to know your real users — user testing is the key. Collect as much quantitative user behaviour data as you can, then analyze and categorize them to make sure you have solid qualitative data to support design thinking. Follow the cycle of design, release, get user feedback and iterate.

3. This case study helped me understand how other companies generate business value by implementing the great design in both UI and UX. It gives me confidence that if we apply similar principles, and keep doing what we are doing on UX research, our product team can help the company product achieve much more success in the near future.

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